Most buildings have fire detection systems and evacuation alarmsystems. The systems behind these fire protection systems ensure that a fire is detected at an early stage and that occupants are warned. They are essential to guarantee the safety of your employees and environment and to limit damage to your property.

The Right Design for Your Systems

Automatic fire-extinguishing systems, such as sprinkler, water mist andextinguishing gas systems, ensure that facilities are protected. Smoke control systems, such as pressure relief systems or smoke and heatremoval systems, ensure smoke-free areas in your building during a fire.

Royal HaskoningDHV has been approved by the (Dutch) Certification Body for Fire Protection and Security to draw up a design specifications document (DSD) for all fire protection systems, also if your organisation works with dangerous substances (Publication Series on Dangerous Substances). Our consultants lay down the basic design of the systems in a DSD. This document sets out the purpose of the systems and the requirements and basic principles that apply to the design. Also, the systems often have to be certified by an inspection body. An approved DSD is of essential importance for this certification.

Additionally, our consultants have experience with inspecting, designing and adapting fire protection systems. In complex situations, in consultation with several stakeholders, we help our clients to make the right choices. We are active from the first initiative, through the development of the design, the supervision of the tendering processand the selection of an installer, to the performance of the work. This will ensure that you get the systems which are exactly right for you and satisfy the certification requirements.

Securing Complex Situations

Active fire-extinguishing systems are often used in complex situations where fires can quickly develop or result in unacceptable losses. Steps must be taken to limit the effects, particularly in the industrial sector. Our fire safety consultants work intensively with Health Safety & Environment (HSE) consultants so that every scenario is examined and the most appropriate solution is developed.

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