Your building facade is the face and thus an important part of your building, and has a major impact on the energy costs. Partly for this reason, a building facade constructed using durable materials and with good insulation is desirable. In addition, it is essential to prevent your facade from becoming damaged, such as loose materials, leaks or (visible) overdue maintenance, and/or to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

(Sustainable) major maintenance and renovation work

If your building facade is due for renovation or major maintenance work, Royal HaskoningDHV can support you throughout the whole project, from the very beginning to completion. In order to decide upon a suitable replacement or adjustment, it is very important to research various technical and cost-effective solutions. After having made a decision, the implementation of the (modified) design is important, making sure it meets the specifications as much as possible. When executing maintenance or renovation work, it is essential that there is good coordination between the owner, the occupants and contractors so that the project can be completed to everyone's satisfaction. Royal HaskoningDHV can provide you with excellent support for either a small section of the renovation work or throughout the entire process.

Preservation of the facade

Renovation work on the facade is often a good time to also address energy efficiency and sustainable materials. Royal HaskoningDHV has a lot of experience in this field and can help you to find a suitable solution. The facade renovations for the town hall in Nijmegen in 2015 and our own headquarters in Amersfoort are both perfect examples of constructing a new curtain wall within a short time-frame while the building remained in use during the renovation process. By installing additional insulation and improved glazing, the town hall in Nijmegen has gone up two energy labels. In Amersfoort, our building jumped the energy label G to A. At both locations, the preservation of the entire building has resulted in energy cost savings of 100,000 euros per year. When working on the sustainability of your facade, think about topics such as green facades, the removal of asbestos cladding or installing energy-generating elements.

Fixing defects

Over time, the building facade of your office, school, hospital, home, sports hall or industrial property can become damaged for many reasons. This includes disintegrating material, loose plating or leaks. A defect may be caused by a design flaw, for example, but may also be due to incorrect execution or overdue maintenance works. In addition to the fact that you want to the defect to be remedied as quickly as possible, it is important to understand why the defect occurred so you can deal with the issue in the most suitable way, both legally and financially. Thanks to our vast experience in the technical, financial and legal fields, we can support you in this process. Our facade experts are happy to supervise your renovation project and relieve you of your concerns thanks to their vast experience in technical, financial and legal matters.