A comfortable and safe building

How a visitor experiences an area like a station, museum, airport, hospital or shopping centre is largely determined by the building. Besides functionality, the building must give the visitor a good feeling. A spacious entrance hall, safe hallways and comfortable and attractive waiting rooms are vital to a visitor’s experience. After all, a satisfied visitor will be more likely to return and use the facilities provided in the building.

A small modification can make a difference

Based on years of experience, Royal HaskoningDHV (NPC) knows which minor changes can affect a visitor’s experience. We help clients with questions such as: 
  • How do I ensure that a renovation will not detract from my visitors’ experience? 
  • How do I create a sense of calm in my busy entrance hall? 
  • How do I reduce the experiential waiting time of my visitors? 
  • How can I make travellers in a train or underground station feel safer in tunnel passageways? 
  • How do I ensure that a vacant shop or space does not detract from the atmosphere in the rest of the building? 
  • How do I create extra seating capacity without hindering pedestrian flows? 
Based on the different experiences, Royal HaskoningDHV has developed a design vision and translated this into design requirements. All this has been achieved with the aim of creating a comfortable and safe stay for visitors.

The user comes first

A small change to a room can positively affect a visitor’s experience and buying behaviour. Someone who feels safe and at ease will stay longer and return more often, and even become inspired by the surroundings. This will offer commercial opportunities for you as a building owner or developer. Royal HaskoningDHV can explore why a space might have a negative impact on the visitor and provide simple solutions or improvement options. Room climate, lighting, acoustics, decor, signage or social safety within a building are just some examples of possible measures.