Energy saving without compromising the interior climate

By correctly applying energy-saving measures in your buildings, you can help prevent complaints about the indoor climate, improve comfort, solve sick building syndrome, optimise energy consumption, lower energy costs, minimise CO2 emissions and reduce absenteeism.
Royal HaskoningDHV can determine your energy consumption and/or the quality of the interior climate of your building(s) at different levels of detail.

Quick Scan for building energy savings

In a few hours, we can take stock of the energy-saving measures that can be implemented with respect to the building and the technical systems.
We use your building management system (BMS) to analyse your climate control system settings. This often reveals the initial savings that can be achieved immediately. We then list the physical building properties and climate control systems in your building. We indicate what improvements can be made, as well as the expected payback period. Our advisers also propose possible changes to the building, for example extra insulation of the roof and façades, installing white roof covering and green roofs, the use of domotics and energy efficient lighting.

Energy monitoring & optimising building systems

We analyse and optimise the dynamic behaviour of your building systems over an extended period of time. This gives you insight into the actual behaviour of your building systems, and can reduce energy consumption up to 25%. We ensure that your building systems perform consistently and reliably, which helps them to last longer. In many cases, better adjustment of the climate control systems can considerably reduce comfort-related complaints.

User survey by environmental psychologist

If your comfort complaints cannot be traced directly to the performance of your climate control systems or the physical properties of your building, we recommend having us conduct a user and air quality survey. Our environmental psychologist lists the complaints from occupants/end users and traces the causes back to the technical systems and building physics, or perceptions. After identifying the causes, we advise on how to remove them as effectively as possible.

Energy generation

Besides analysing potential energy saving measures, we also advise on whether your property is suitable for energy generation, such as installing solar panels or solar collectors. We calculate whether the roof or façade structures are strong enough to hold solar panels, and independently calculate the yield and payback period. With this information you will be able to make a proper investment decision.

Energy advice and indoor climate advice. © Royal HaskoningDHV

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