Royal HaskoningDHV has been working with a major beverage company to improve wastewater treatment at one of its sites in the West Midlands. Following introduction of our ABR® (Anti-Bulking Reactor), operational performance has been exceptional and our ongoing support has continued to deliver flawless operations allowing the company to remain within consent at normal production capacity.

This highlights the importance of effective treatment of effluent from beverage production. It’s much more than an environmental issue, it’s an important Key Performance Indicator. Wastewater treatment must comply with the requirements laid out in the License to Operate. If it doesn’t, the continued operational performance of the plant is threatened.

Trouble-shooting and on-going support results in flawless operations

When a major international drinks company sought to improve operational performance of the wastewater treatment plant at one of its production units, it turned to Royal HaskoningDHV.

As part of our Operational Excellence package, we began by trouble-shooting to identify any critical issues. In this case, we introduced our ABR® to quickly and permanently remove the cause of bulking sludge in the wastewater treatment plant. It led to an immediate cost saving for the company which had spent more than €1 million transporting wastewater by tanker to an alternative treatment site.

Since then, we have provided operational support on a subscription basis, which includes regular dialogue with our clients and their contractors to track the performance of the plant. Data science also plays an important role in optimising the process. It is through analysis and evaluation of data that the performance can be continually improved.

Safeguard business continuity with a partner you can trust

Problems with wastewater quality are typically not easily detected, nor are they easily solved. That means they have the potential to escalate into a critical issue raising operational costs and even threatening business continuity.

With demand for expert operational support increasing, manufacturers are discovering it is cheaper, more efficient and more effective to ensure specialist expertise (in-house or externally) at all times.

Our commitment to optimal performance, continuous improvement and knowledge transfer, through on-the-job learning and tailor-made courses, makes Royal HaskoningDHV the partner you need to safeguard your License to Operate.


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