Smart Places - Combining the physical and digital to create smart environments

Today our world faces some of its greatest challenges – among them climate change, energy transition and population increase. Technology provides many answers to how we might adapt to these issues; but not in isolation. Without a human-centric approach there is no added value, just added technology.

According to Gartner’s research into top technology trends, Smart Spaces combine the physical world and digital domain into a single conversation, they enhance society on a collective level and will be key to progress.

We are taking action with our creation of Smart Places. Defined by their openness, connectedness, coordination and intelligence, they are physical or digital environments in which humans and technology-enabled systems interact seamlessly.

Predictive Digital Twin

Improving decision-making through simulation technology

A company of Royal HaskoningDHV, Lanner’s digital twin technology connects physical world assets and processes into a single digital solution delivering valuable, actionable insight into business operations. Predictive digital twins, driven by simulation technology, enable improved decision-making and provide the ideal starting point for a full Industry 4.0 transformation strategy.

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Using the cloud to optimise traffic for a cleaner, greener city

Collating and analysing traffic data in real-time, Flowtack is an award-winning, cloud-based software. The innovative solution forecasts and optimises traffic flows at the network level, in real-time, providing greater control to keep traffic moving in and around the city. The result? A cleaner, greener and safer city.

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Utilising 3D modelling for sustainable wastewater treatment solutions

A product of Royal HaskoningDHV, Nereda® is an award-winning solution, offering sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial water. The product’s new 3D model allows Royal HaskoningDHV to remotely walk clients around their facility in order to optimise, troubleshoot and train.

MyNereda is a new, collaborative, web-based platform that transforms how clients access Nereda knowledge and support, and utilise big data as a global community.

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Actionable intelligence to meet climate change

Ambiental, a company of Royal HaskoningDHV, is a specialist in flood risk assessment, environmental reports, and civil engineering – and a leading provider of actionable intelligence from data to protect people, property and capital from flooding and climate change.

FloodFutures® is a predictive flood model that considers a range of climate change scenarios from 2020-2080 using Met Office UKCP projections. The resulting data provides customers with a unique view of future risk, allowing long-term decision-makers to plan for uncertainty around climate change.

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Aquasuite BURST®

Tackling water scarcity through cloud-based analytics

In a world facing increasing water scarcity, Aquasuite®, a product of Royal HaskoningDHV, brings intelligent solutions for the entire water chain for both utilities and industry. With its predictive analytics, Aquasuite provides actionable insight on water and wastewater systems and takes control in optimising performance.

Aquasuite BURST® is a digital innovation designed to enable water utilities to detect and find leaks in real-time. Machine learning is used to predict water demand and pressure, allowing water utilities to identify pipe leakage, minimise non-revenue water, respond quicker to failure situations and prevent water loss.

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Minimising complexity through next generation digital reporting

iReport is our award-winning, next generation digital reporting tool, minimising complexity and representing information in a visual and dynamic way. From feasibility studies to masterplans, the iReport is pushing the frontier of project reports. The latest release is built on a brand-new platform, offering a better user experience and greater functionality.

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