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Sector Director

Role Background:
We have an ambitious, multimillion-pound growth plan for the Defence Sector for the next 4 years and you’ll be integral to our plans. We look to develop our key account relationships, win new business within the Defence Sector and increase the range of services we offer.  The Sector Director will support our two main streams of services we offer in infrastructure design and shipyard and dockyard operations.

Due to the nature of the role and the high level of client interaction, we are flexible with office location on the condition you’re comfortable with the associated travel.  Some office options include, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Peterborough, London or Haywards Heath. 

Role Responsibilities:

  •  Lead and be accountable for our global growth within the Defence Sector 
  • To undertake a strategic market review in the Defence sector including appraisal of clients, services, regions and identification of opportunities for profitable growth;
  • Produce an annual Sector Plan that identifies the market value, forward view, threats and opportunities, covers all relevant geographies and includes succession planning.
    • For each of the UK naval bases and more general opportunities in the MoD; 
    • For the international defence sector;
  • Keep up to date with market opportunities and industry leading edge, including digital engineering, and steer business development Lead Knowledge / Sector Group. 
  • Pro-actively investigate new trends, both in terms of the market and in applicable technology including opportunities for DWoW and digital services. Propose investments to keep us at the leading edge in terms of technology and efficiency.
  • Visiting clients to identify opportunities and secure work with substantial travel within home country and overseas 
  • Lead and develop a core team of sector specialists. Provide and communicate business opportunities within & across the business; build and record sector pipeline in CRM.
  • Report to the Leadership Team on a 6 monthly basis and to the Sponsor on a quarterly basis. 
  • Communicate well and develop internal links across our Advisory Groups (AG’s) and Business Units (BU’s), and externally.  
  • To liaise with the Marketing and Communications Support Group to develop awareness and profile raising of the Company within the sector (exhibitions, publications etc)  
  • To develop own and Company profile within the sector via committee membership, papers etc.


  • Experience and successful leader in the Royal Navy (OF-5 rank or above) 
  • A deep and detailed knowledge of the Defence sector 
  • Proven track record in leading Royal Navy development programme 
  • Extensive contacts within MoD, DIO, DIT, and the private sector and preferably overseas.
  • Ability to recognise and foster the required relationships in order to position the business as a prospective player in the defence sector. 
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to lead and orchestrate client mapping, business development and strategic pursuits.   
  • Excellent negotiation skills, proven track record of successfully pitching for new business.
  • Ability to influence, convince and partner with key internal stakeholders and colleagues to achieve broader collaboration and shared strategy goals. 
  • Experience of working and influencing within a matrix management structure. 
  • Preferable to have an engineering background

Due to the outbreak of Covid- 19 we cannot guarantee that your application will be processed according to our standard procedure. Be aware that it is possible that you might experience a delayed response to your application. Furthermore, the start date of the vacancy might change. Please keep this in mind when applying for this vacancy. We apologize for the inconvenience and want to thank you for your understanding. For further information or questions please contact: recruitment@rhdhv.com


  • London, Edinburgh, Falmouth, Newcastle (UK), Peterborough
  • Business Development & Sales
  • Maritime
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