How long have you been working for Royal HaskoningDHV?

I’ve been here for 17 years! In that time I’ve had a number of different roles, and the new challenges have kept things fresh and I’ve been able to develop my career. At the moment I tend to split my time between project management and the preparation of tenders – it’s a busy role!

What attracted you to Royal HaskoningDHV in the first place?

Initially I suppose it was the type of work that the company was renowned for. I had a particular interest in civil engineering at the water’s edge, and I knew I’d be able to put my training to good use here. I also was struck by the atmosphere and the people here in Peterborough – it was an excellent first impression!

What do you enjoy most about working here?

There’s a real variety of work within the field that I’m most interested in. I get real satisfaction from the work itself. But it’s also the people I work with – both the team here and our clients. We all work together well, and the attitudes and work ethic really suit me. People are incredibly friendly, inclusive and genuine.

What interests you most about the job you do?

The projects I work on are challenging, interesting and make a truly tangible difference to society. In particular, the flood risk projects I’ve worked on have given me immense satisfaction – knowing we’ve made a difference to people’s lives in a very real way.

What’s been the most inspirational project you’ve worked on?

I worked on a really exciting project in partnership with Opportunity Peterborough. I supported the development of a funding bid for a Future Cities Demonstrator. Being able to get involved in something local that was a bit different to my normal day job was brilliant. I could also play to my strengths on this project – I’d already led projects with public sector organisations in the city, and I understood a lot of the broader city-wide sustainability issues and objectives that Peterborough has for the future. We secured a £3million grant as a result of our work, which means that the city now has the resources to innovate and test new ideas and solutions for greater growth and sustainability.

What three words would you use to describe Royal HaskoningDHV?

High-quality, thought-leaders, outcome-orientated.

What opportunities have you had to develop yourself and your career?

Over the 17 years I’ve worked here, I’ve had frequent new challenges through working on different projects, or taking up different roles. There’s a high expectation for continued professional development here – the company supported me through my Chartership, and I also was lucky enough to take part in the Accelerated Development Programme – a fast-track programme for leaders in the company.

What do you value most about Royal HaskoningDHV?

We constantly strive to deliver the best outcome for our clients. I think this is really important, because the best outcome isn’t necessarily what the client initially thinks they need. We work hard to bring our clients along with us to achieve that.