Our Managing Agent Asset Management approach

  • Accrue savings to the Asset Owner
  • Is non-volume driven fee approach based
  • Allows for:
    • flexible service levels
    • floating items of demand for adaptable facilities
    • elastic asset volumes
    • alleviating typical owners' issues
...and delivers
  • Smooth-running of primary processes
  • Structurally cost-savings of c. +10%
  • Increased competiveness
  • Solutions underpinned with proven advantages and international standards

The Asset Managament Cast

We focus on Operations and Maintenance

Our Asset Management Teams lead by our Managing Agents are equipped with experienced asset managers whose key responsibilities include day-to-day operations and maintenance, overall optimization regarding utilization, costs and risks due to upcoming, actual and foreseen temporary and structural vacancy of Real Estate, safety and security, ratio dashboard design & performance reporting and asset condition monitoring.

Finance and accounting
As asset manager, we fulfill the accounting and financial reporting functions for the assets. This includes:
  • Preparation and monitoring of capital and operational budgets
  • Ratio dashboard design & Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting

Regulatory compliance and reporting
Our access to a large regulatory monitoring and compliance organization brings critical knowledge and experience to the management of your asset providing:
  • Environmental compliance and management
  • Compliance with changing regulatory requirements
  • Ratio dashboard design and reporting

Communication liaison
Our role as asset manager provides an important connection between the asset owner / landlord, the users / tenants and other outside contextual parties. As such, we routinely provide updates on matters such as:
  • Asset performance
  • Upcoming, actual and foreseen temporary and structural vacancy of Real Estate
  • Market condition and changes
  • Customer inputs
  • Providing tenants with notice at the end of the tenancy
  • Regulatory changes

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