We are faced with the enormous challenge of making millions of buildings more sustainable over the next thirty years in line with UN targets. The energy transition requires thoughtful planning in order to accelerate the right decisions and effective implementation.

But there are many questions to answer in determining the best way forward. Where should we start? Can we carefully speed up the process? Is it possible to prevent waste or inconvenience for users? How can we avoid making decisions based on incorrect information and assumptions? Can we effectively map in parallel with investment and maintenance plans?

Speed up the energy transition of buildings

FastLane is an approach which speeds up the decision-making process when it comes to making your building more sustainable. The first focus is the reduction of energy use and CO2 emissions.

Using FastLane we create a structured yet flexible route to determine the right plan and business case for your building. Based on this plan, we select the right measures to meet the UN targets.

Our approach ensures an accurate information flow and displays the business case using a clear and interactive dashboard. By including different scenarios with indication of costs and impact, your dashboard will help us find the best, most cost-effective approach.

Gain greater control with FastLane

Using FastLane, you gain greater control over the energy transition of your building portfolio. A program manager will guide all stakeholders through a transparent and traceable process. Our approach means true collaboration in selecting the most suitable measures for your portfolio and ambitions.

Our online tool clearly structures the steps to be taken, significantly accelerating the decision-making process, while still carefully considering the future of your buildings. The process is energetic and agile: new insights and developments can be included from dialogues and decisions along the way. FastLane means greater control and an overview of the entire process, leading to quicker and better-informed decisions at every stage.

Want to know more?

Are you responsible or involved in the energy transition of buildings? For example, a real estate owner, fund manager, asset manager, facility manager or sustainability manager? Find out how FastLane can help you to future proof your buildings. Let's connect!