15 Feb 2016
Why we concern to help YKAKI to build this house of transit? As we know that length of cancer treatment varies between five months to two years, leads to significant costs of accommodation, transportation and cost of living during the treatment period, especially for patients from different areas/islands. While the government covers most of cost of treatment through JKN, other related costs such as living cost during treatment period, transportation and accommodation create significant burden which in many cases lead to non-compliance to treatment. In response to the above situation, since November 2006, YKAKI has been providing shelters – RUMAH KITA/ OUR HOUSE - for children undergo cancer treatment. More than 500 children have been benefited from this service.

This house of transit will be located in Jl. Percetakan Negara IX no. 10A. YKAKI request Royal HaskoningDHV to support on structural, mechanical, electrical and HVAC work of the project. Royal HaskoningDHV has prepared Schematic Drawing (Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC) and review detail design. We will also review the quotation from contractor and give advice and support when they negotiate with the contractor. Project schedule is around November till December 2016 for the schematic design. And for checking detail design and answering queries from contractor regarding design will be held in construction phase. This project also supported by PT Airmas Asri as their CSR project for the architectural design and Pemerintah Daerah (Local Government) DKI will support for the ‘hibah bangun’ (grant).

Royal HaskoningDHV is very proud to help the plight of parents accompany their children in the treatment and / or care, including education. In this social project, we work together to raise all necessary for facilitating those children in order to make them and their family live more easier, help them away from cancer and let them get their better future.