4 Dec 2020

Dr Marwan AL-Azzawi, Sector Lead Director - Mobility and Strategic Planning at Royal Haskoning DHV UK, recently spoke with the Editor at Construction Tech Review to outline the pressures on the current transport system and discuss why smart mobility is the future of travel.

With road traffic forecast to grow at alarming levels across the globe, city councils and transport authorities face the difficult challenge of keeping traffic moving safely all whilst increasing accessibility, improving liveability and without jeopardising previously made sustainability gains.

In an interview with Construction Tech Review, Dr Marwan AL-Azzawi outlined these pressures and put forward Royal HaskoningDHV’s award-winning, traffic optimisation solution, Flowtack.

“Now more than ever, with the surge in congestion across cities and the threat of rising single-occupancy car trips due to Covid-19 concerns, the smooth and safe flow of traffic is vital. Only by bringing together cutting-edge technology with tailored sustainable strategy and expert implementation, are we able to enable cities to optimise their mobility networks today and shape the mobility system of tomorrow.”
Dr Marwan AL-Azzawi

In the publication, Dr Marwan AL-Azzawi, added: “Flowtack is not merely about managing more cars at a given time. It is about catering for all travellers on the network at the same time. Technology is never the sole solution for mobility control. But it is a significant factor to make our lives better and healthier.”

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