18 Sep 2017

The iReport cuts right through any complexity by using visuals and texts so projects are understood and embraced by everyone from industry experts to members of the public.

This next generation digital tool complements Royal HaskoningDHV’s strategic advisory and helps to enable greater stakeholder management so that projects are understood, accepted and embraced by specialists and non-specialists.

It follows in the footsteps of the company’s innovative digital EIS, an online tool that uses interactive visuals to revolutionise the way the results of an Environmental Impact Assessment are interpreted and shared.

Paul Eijssen, Strategic Consultant and creator of the iReport at Royal HaskoningDHV said, “Royal HaskoningDHV is continuously pushing the frontiers of innovation to create new value for our clients and the industry as a whole.

From an initial pilot to actual implementation using the iReport for ongoing projects, we have developed the future-proof iReport based on dialogue, feedback and collaboration with our clients and partners.

It is relevant for all sectors and industries and can be used in different phases of a project so as to garner greater stakeholder engagement. The information from the iReport is complemented by Royal HaskoningDHV’s strategic advisory at every step of the project development journey to ensure that plans and decisions are embraced and accepted by the stakeholders involved.”

The iReport’s versatility benefits projects from corridor and feasibility studies, to masterplans and forecasting capacity studies. It offers an instant summary with the flexibility to go in-depth or to maintain a bird’s eye view on subjects.

When trialled on the reporting of the Vincent Tshabalala Pedestrian Bridge project, commissioned by the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), the iReport was commended for its substantial value as a reporting tool both internally and externally.

Equally, positive feedback was received when the iReport was used by Royal HaskoningDHV to conduct thorough transport investigations for the Rotterdam-Antwerp Corridor Study on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands and the Province of South Holland.

To discover more about the pioneering world of the iReport and what it can do for your projects, visit www.royalhaskoningdhv.com/iReport or search for the hashtag #iReport on social media channels.