30 Nov 2020
Following 18 months of performance data at Northern Ireland Water’s (NI Water) Dungannon Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Nereda® technology has shown to enable plant compliance and provide over £50,000 saving in energy usage.

The site at Dungannon had historically struggled to meet compliance due a complicated network and a range of municipal and industrial influent at the plant, combining to create a heavy load on the system. Initially selected to enable the old works to meet compliance, the two 2050 m3 Nereda rectors at the WWTP in Dungannon – a town in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland – have not only ensured this, but have also taken much of the flow from the old works, freeing up further capacity.

John Griffin, NI Water’s project manager explains: “Dungannon is a complicated network serving a population of approximately 78,000. In addition, about 60% of the influent comes from industrial food manufacturers in the area, which severely increases the load on the system. Our old works was struggling to meet compliance and it was imperative that we did something big to meet the challenge that this presented.

“During our research into the right solution, we visited a number of sites in Ireland and over in The Netherlands where Nereda technology has been successfully installed. Speaking to some of the operators that experienced similar challenges to the ones we faced at Dungannon, gave us the confidence to invest in the technology.”

Work on the project started in March 2017, with the full mechanical fitout completed in November 2018, with flows diverted to the Nereda process in April 2019. The plant, which has now been successfully handed over to NI Water, will undergo a further period of optimisation, with the expectation of even greater compliance and further savings.

With over 80 projects in operation or under construction worldwide, Nereda is an established game-changer for sustainable wastewater technology. It offers the optimum solution for communities facing growing urbanisation and improved environmental protection. For further information on Nereda visit www.nereda.net.

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