30 Mar 2018

The Nereda® pilot installation for wastewater treatment at Harnaschpolder is officially commissoned on March 29th. The aim of the pilot is to develop and test the process conditions required to form granular sludge in a wastewater treatment installation with continuous flow.

The use of granular sludge is expected to be beneficial for various aspects of the wastewater treatment process. This represents a step change for the industry. The pilot and the research have come about as a result of collaboration between the Delfland and Rijnland water boards, Delfluent Services, TU Delft, Evides Industriewater and Royal HaskoningDHV.

A continuous granular sludge process uses significantly less energy and a valuable raw material (alginate-like polymers) can also be extracted from it. An additional advantage is that due to the small footprint required by this process, capacity can be increased and / or further space can be released for post treatment to improve the quality of the effluent.

If the results of the pilot are positive, this granular sludge technology is expected to be suitable for several existing wastewater treatment plants.

For Delfland, the purification of wastewater is an important task and should play an important role in a circular economy. This pilot fulfills the water authorities’ ambition to purify water and reuse raw materials and water with the lowest possible energy consumption.