16 May 2018

Meet our experts to discuss Climate Change, Environmental Permitting & Compliance Monitoring, EIA and SEA processes or a digital interactive Environmental Impact Statement.

IAIA is the leading global network on best practice in the use of impact assessment for informed decision making regarding policies, programs, plans and projects – this year taking place 16-19 May 2018 at the Durban International Convention Center. This edition will bring interesting discussions on Environmental Justice in societies in transition.

Royal HaskoningDHV has a large presence as frontrunner in the digital interactive iReports and Environmental Impact Statements and offers a one stop full service for all Environmental assessments needs in collaboration with clients and communities.

Whether you’re focused to act on Climate Change, Environmental Permitting & Compliance Monitoring, EIA and SEA processes or a digital interactive Environmental Impact Statement, Royal HaskoningDHV has got innovative ideas tailored just for you.

Meet us at the (premier) booth or during the various presentations and learn how we can shape the future of Environmental Assessment and Design together.

Some of the topics that will be discussed by our experts in (poster) presentations and panel discussions are:

  • Climate vulnerability in Gauteng, by Gerard van Weele, Karolina Euler-van Hulst & Janet Loubser
  • Cornubia – At the forefront of a transitioning society – Environmental Planning and Implementation (2 sessions), by Humayrah Bassa, Prashika Reddy and Bjorn Hoffmann
  • Designing projects for sustainable outcomes, by Tasneem Steenkamp
  • Rea-Vaya Bus Rapid Transit: “We are Moving” the Public Transport System together with Communities, by Sibongile Hlomuka
  • Aashukan declaration: a guiding principle for SIA, by Philippe Hanna
  • Digital IA reporting: the next step, by Paul Eijssen
  • Towards digital IA: requirements from a government, by Luis Martins Dias

Digital impact assessment: the latest developments (Session ID#: 109)

This session highlights the latest achievements and innovations in digital impact assessment reporting, reviewing, and communication and will be chaired by our colleague Malcolm Roods. He will lead the discussion on state-of-the-art IA project showcases, approaches and interactive tools like virtual reality to support informed decision making in a society in digital transition.

Panel session: a new Mining co-operative at the Canary river

Philippe Hanna, Martine Leman and Gerard van Weele are panellists of a panel session, organized by Jack Krohn and Tanya Burdett from Australia. It is a hypothetical case about an initiative of a mining company to start a new Mining co-operative at the Canary river. The panellists will have different roles in the discussion (proponent, government, traditional owners, downstream villages, ecotourism operators and hydropower company).

We are looking forward to meeting you at the event!

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Durban, South Africa