18 May 2017

Construction of the new ultra-modern Nereda® sewage treatment plant for the city of Utrecht has officially started. On May 15, Mayor Van Zanen of the municipality of Utrecht hit the first pole at the new sewage treatment facility. "Good sewage treatment is very important for a healthy city and life in the region. I am therefore pleased with the construction of this new treatment plant, which cleans the water and produces almost no noise or smell”, said Mayor Van Zanen.

Patrick Poelmann & Burgemeester Van Zanen | Royal HaskoningDHV

Image: Dike warden Patrick Poelman (left) and mayor Jan van Zanen

The sewage treatment works of Utrecht is the largest treatment plant of the Dutch Water Authority De Stichtse Rijnlanden and one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the Netherlands. Every day, around 75 million litres of wastewater is being treated. While the completely new installation is being built using Royal HaskoningDHV's Nereda technology, the old one will continue to run. However, the plant will discharge half as much nitrogen and phosphate as compared to the old plant. The plant also uses as much as 30% less energy than a 'standard installation' and takes up less space.

New technology

The Nereda plant will be built by Heijmans/GMB and will be situated by the old installation. The wastewater will be treated with bacteria in the form of sludge granules. This technology saves space and energy, and gives a clean end result. Nereda technology has not been used on this scale in the Netherlands before.

Great job

The new installation will be operational in 2019. The construction costs about 140 million euros. Dike warden Patrick Poelmann commented: "When the construction is complete and the new installation is in operation, our region will have a wonderful sustainable and energy-efficient sewage treatment system, which guarantees high levels of clean water for 30 years. The Nereda technology also offers possibilities for extracting raw materials from the wastewater. The Water Authority will be exploring how to maximise these opportunities in the coming years!