28 Jun 2016
The goal of the International New Town Day is to connect representatives of new towns worldwide and exchange knowledge, innovation and experiences. This event serves as a platform to discuss how we can plan, transform and reinvent the concept of new towns and is widely seen as a preparatory session for the UN Habitat III conference which will take place in Oct 2016, in Quito, Ecuador.
International New Town Day | Royal HaskoningDHV

Saudi Arabia’s large scale new town

Creating new towns that are sustainable and future proof requires careful planning as well as the engagement of various stakeholders. Friedemann Romhild, Urban Designer at Royal HaskoningDHV will present the master plan, development and execution for Sudair, one of Saudi Arabia’s large scale new towns, which is built in the desert, north of Riyadh. 

Creating wealth for Cameroon

Bart Brorens, Urban Development expert at Royal HaskoningDHV will share his approach for the strategic, spatial and development plan of Kribi Industrial Port Complex, a 260 km2 industrial and residential city, located in South West Cameroon. The project is seen as a key step in creating wealth and sustainability in Cameroon, taking into consideration the segmentation and clustering of port and industrial activities, introduction of an infrastructure corridor and management systems to facilitate water, power and food supply to the urban area.


Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Almere