2 Jun 2017

Putting our promise into practice

Last week a Dutch Risk Reduction (DRR) team travelled to Guinea on request of the government of Guinea.
Royal HaskoningDHV has put her promise of “Enhancing society together” into practice by making Ben Reeskamp of Royal HaskoningDHV available for the mission. He is leading the DRR team and contributes with his extensive (inter)national knowledge and expertise in coastal and maritime.

The island of Kaback in Guinea is severely affected by the floods caused by dike breakthroughs and land erosion.  This resulted into loss of agricultural land, siltation, water, and food security problems.  These problems are increased due to the effects of climate change and the overexploitation of mangrove forests that protect the island.

Last February experts from the Ministry of Agriculture of Guinea and RVO inspected the dike. They have concluded that there is a high probability that the dike will fail in the near future. For this reason, RVO is currently setting up the D2B project for draft design specifications for a renewal of the 9,510-meter-long dike. Besides a long-term advice, the current situation calls for urgent solutions to be implemented in the short term to protect the island. For this purpose, the government of Guinea has asked for support from the DRR Team.

Some impressions of the challenges can be seen through the photos of the field visit made by the DRR team on May 30 on the island of Kaback.

Flooded rice fields caused by dike failure | Royal HaskoningDHV

image: Flooded rice fields caused by dike failure

Interaction with locals at Kaback | Royal HaskoningDHV

image: Interaction with locals

Result of a dike fail | Royal HaskoningDHV

image: Result of a dike fail

Flooded area | Royal HaskoningDHV

image: Flooded area

The Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR) represents the best Dutch water expertise that can be used quickly at the request of foreign governments to prevent or reduce water-related disasters. It does not include emergency aid, but knowledge and expertise in water management, water conservation and water supply in support of reconstruction and prevention. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment have established the Dutch Risk Reduction Team together with the Dutch water sector.