28 Sep 2012
Wim Maassen MSc PDEng, Senior Sustainability Adviser at project management, consultancy and engineering services provider Royal HaskoningDHV, has been appointed Fellow in Life Cycle Performance Design (LCPD) at Eindhoven University of Technology with effect from 27 September 2012. He will be working under Prof. Wim Zeiler in the Building Physics & Services Group of the Department of the Built Environment.

Mr Maassen is an expert in consultancy regarding technical installations. He holds a position of authority in his professional network and is a recognized leader in the field. In his capacity as Fellow, Mr Maassen will share his knowledge and expertise through practical education and research during one day each week. He will also conduct application-oriented research, resulting in professional publications and contributions to academic conferences. Besides performing research, he will lecture on green building assessment methods and life cycle performance costing, as well as Cradle to Cradle design. Mr Maassen will also supervise students' (thesis) projects. The activities of the Fellow in Life Cycle Performance Design are determined annually in consultation with a steering group comprising representatives of Eindhoven University of Technology, Royal HaskoningDHV and two third parties. The Fellowship is financed by Royal HaskoningDHV.

Wim Maassen (1969) is currently Senior Sustainability Adviser at the Buildings business line of Royal HaskoningDHV. He is a BREEAM-NL and BREEAM International Assessor. His work includes supporting clients in the realization of future-proof buildings.

After obtaining a degree in Applied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology, Mr Maassen completed a two-year designer course in Computational Mechanics at the University's Department of Mechanical Engineering (Energy Technology Group). Mr Maassen has sixteen years' experience in providing advice on energy conservation, sustainable energy generation, optimizing the energy requirements of buildings, and defining, optimizing and measuring sustainability performance.

In Maassen's view, entrepreneurship and a strong financial drive are key factors in accelerating sustainable development. He believes that designs must be produced based on strong business cases, with due attention to the requirements of realistic scenarios. Aspects covered by such scenarios include changes in usage and function, quality of the indoor climate, sustainability level, price increases, and adoption of new technologies. By making costs and benefits transparent to stakeholders at every stage of the project, stakeholders can continually engage in 'split incentive' discussions and take the most cost-effective decisions.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, Mr Maassen implemented this approach in a tool called the 'Sustainable Building Accelerator' (see www.duboversneller.nl).