Smart Ports: Supply Chain Logistics

The way ports see themselves is changing. In addition to acting as a gateway in and out of a region, ports are increasingly recognising their role as an integral link within international supply chains.

This new perception is enabling ports to examine their market position and how they can strengthen their appeal to clients. Data analysis plays a central role in this transformation.

Using data to enhance market position

A smart port constantly gathers and analyses data to establish full visibility of cargo flows and potential issues that could delay onward distribution.

Many ports are now seeking to understand more about the origins and destinations of the cargo that they process. By combining their own current data, historical trends and public data with insights from logistics providers, they can optimise their operations to become a preferred maritime partner.

Data insights enable ports to refine propositions and services to attract more customers, through driving awareness of new, efficient routing options, faster cargo processing or showcasing green port credentials.

Market reporting and data science

In depth market reports are a core service provided by Royal HaskoningDHV for decades. Our analysts examine historical performance, current trends, competitor activity and market data to compile comprehensive insights, forecasts and opportunities aiming to increase the value of the asset. In 2018 Royal HaskoningDHV also acquired data science agency Ynformed to boost our analytical capabilities.

Visualisation is one of our strengths. Data is interpreted, rationalised and presented in a clear and accessible way for people at every level in a port organisation.

Our advisors can provide a port with detailed mapping of cargo flows from their point of origin to their final destination, the port’s role in processing and how its operations can be streamlined and optimised.

Global presence

Royal HaskoningDHV’s expertise is widely recognised in both the maritime and logistics sectors. Our global reach is a significant advantage in interpreting regional trends and priorities, as well as interviewing customers in widespread locations to gain their views.

Contact our team today to explore the supply chain logistics opportunities for port operations.