as the demands on ports and terminals across the world continue to increase – from clients, regulators, and the competitive business environment - the need to become smarter is more present than ever. We believe that all ports and terminals can become smarter by using technology to improve processes and effectiveness of staff and services; deliver safer, lower emission and effective supply chain services - and lower port costs.

To get started on a Smart and Green Ports strategy, a port or terminal needs to understand their current use of systems and capability to improve in the short and medium term.  We offer two variations of our Health Check service to maritime clients: Smart Port and Green Port.

Our independence and global experience in port technology projects and audits give us a strong insight into how ports should best adopt systems and practices for getting smarter. Our energy engineers and renewables experts, alongside our world-class environmental engineers, give strength to our Green Ports Health Check.

Royal HaskoningDHV’s Smart Port Health Check offers the ability to highlight those areas which are in need of improvement by matching your current technological capabilities against your business strategy, thereby identifying gaps in the journey to becoming a Smart and Green Port.  

How does the Health Check process work?   

Initially, we take time to understand your port’s operational and business environment and strategic objectives, so we can orient our audit towards this mission.

This is followed by our team visiting the port for around 3 days to observe every key department – from marine, engineering to cargo operations, safety and security – and assess how systems, processes and people work together to deliver services. For our Green Ports review, we will also focus on emissions and power infrastructure. This audit will create scored output and targets for improvement across all areas of the port business, immediately providing a benchmark for current status and potential to become smarter.

Our recommendations are presented directly to the port management, and followed up with a report as a starting point for the port to follow recommendations for short and longer-term improvements.

As an alternative approach, we also offer a fully online and remote version of the Smart and Green Health Check, for clients that may want to cover many facilities and locations, or when travel restrictions prevent visits from overseas staff.

Start your journey today

The adoption and integration of technology in a complex port organisation is key to extracting business benefits from the toolkit; our Health Check is focused on the benefits and will provide practical guidance for business managers and investors. 

Our clients have benefitted from this service, with our independent engagement, providing a clear and unbiased view of how to bring the port forward is use of technology and reduced environmental impacts. 

Our service can be delivered for single ports, or across national or global portfolios, for a standardised benchmark review. 

Contact our team today to get started on your journey towards becoming a Smart Port.

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