Digital technologies give ports the ability to streamline and improve asset inspections. Inefficient paper-based processes can be replaced with mobile applications, to standardise reports and deliver quality, online data.

Our in-house application, PIER (Plan, Inspect, Evaluate, Report) enables effective inspections and reporting in the field.

Robust hardware, tailored software

Smart port inspection teams are equipped with commercial-grade, weather-resistant and rugged tablet devices. A bespoke mobile app enables them to record their observations directly into the asset management system. Drawings can be annotated, photographs uploaded and key measurements recorded.

Then, back in the office, more detailed descriptions can be added via a data portal.

Standardised reports

The app and portal are designed ultimately to produce standardised reports, tailored to specific requirements. Output includes both PDF reports and data spreadsheets. The approach means that a partially completed inspection can be seamlessly completed by another team member, with all reports following an agreed structure.

The online interface means that users can rapidly compare details across numerous reports to track the performance of an asset and assess potential degradation or other issues.

Ready for future developments

Digitising asset information and inspection data paves the way for future applications, including machine learning and image recognition, to drive automation in the inspection process.

For more on digital data capture, contact our team today.

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