Every port operator is seeking to minimise downtime and extend the life of its assets. Smart asset management tools unlock this potential.

Royal HaskoningDHV works with ports worldwide; both designing state of the art new assets and extending the useful operational life of existing infrastructure – some of which can be over 100 years old.

Preventative insights

By harnessing insightful performance data for an asset, we can identify potential weaknesses, challenges and maintenance priorities. Preventative measures and servicing saves ports both time and money by eliminating downtime.

Examples of our solutions include:

  • Dock gate sensing
    Applying sensor technology to lock gates provides real-time load data, directly measuring the forces on the gate during operation. This information is used to monitor performance and enables better predictions about future vulnerabilities, to identify the best point of intervention.
  • Automated terminal data
    As terminals become increasingly automated, performance insight is essential in delivering optimum service. Asset management tools report on speed of operation, fuel consumption and maintenance needs, informing proactive decisions to maintain continuous functionality.
  • Port pavement maintenance
    Port pavement failure can create severe operational issues. Early identification of ruts, cracks or depressions can prevent the development of serious problems. Scanning software applied to site vehicles or CCTV cameras can alert operators to any surface anomalies as they arise.
  • Mooring insights
    Applying sensor technology to dolphins or piles provides actual load information. Knowing actual asset performance enables more accurate details of how the asset is utilised. It provides operators with reassurance that they remain fit for purpose, extending asset lives.

Royal HaskoningDHV is experienced in designing bespoke solutions to meet the unique requirements - both for ports and clients in every industry sector. Contact our team today to learn more.

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