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Smart Port Terminology De-mystified – AI, IoT and 5G

Transport 11 Aug 2020

With ports expressing interest in the concept of the Smart Ports, many are looking to understand the latest technology offerings and the benefits they might bring. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things and 5G, what will they mean for current and future developments in ports?

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Smart Port Terminology De-mystified – Big Data & Blockchain

Transport 15 Jul 2020

Key technologies that are often quoted as useful on the journey towards becoming a Smart Port include nascent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. But what are these technologies exactly and how can they deliver these perceived benefits to ports?

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5 Things we learned at PTI smart digital ports of the future

Transport 21 Nov 2019

What is the port industry doing to become smarter? And, how can this process be sped up? As port technology continues to improve, data must be made more accessible in both format and availability. Greater industry sharing must become the norm. So too, the creation of opportunities for data specialists within the industry.

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5 questions to ask at PTI smart digital ports of the future

Transport 11 Oct 2019

How can technology really help my port? Every port today should be focusing on its strategy to become smarter, but you must decipher which elements will translate to real operational benefits for your port. Ahead of the PTI: Smart Digital Ports of the Future event taking place in Rotterdam, we outline five key questions you should be asking at the event.

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How smart is your port?

Transport 9 Jul 2019

It’s no secret that some aspects of port and terminal operations remain anchored firmly in the past. Many ports are developing comprehensive Smart Port strategies to help improve operations, embrace new technology and ultimately deliver better against their business strategies. But many don’t know where to start.

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5 Things we learned at TOC Europe

Transport 27 Jun 2019

From smarter master planning to the advance of 5G, the opportunities for port and terminal operators to embrace new technologies are huge. As we reflect on the latest developments discussed at TOC Europe 2019, here are five key things we’re taking away from the event.

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5 Questions you need to ask at TOC Europe

Transport 3 Jun 2019

Productivity, data analysis, return on investment – these are all day-to-day concerns for port and terminal operators. But what effect could investing in smart port technologies have on operations?

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5 Things we learned at CTAC19

Transport 17 May 2019

There is little doubt that the steady introduction of terminal automation is having an effect on ports and terminals around the world. Following the recent CTAC 2019 conference in London, in this brief blog, we take a look at 5 of the most important developments.

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Smart Ports – The Future for the Shipping Industry

Transport 8 May 2018

Ports are now applying technologies never used in the maritime industry before. Predictive maintenance, 3D modelling and digital data collection mean that can perform digital simulations and scenario testing, saving time and money and aiding decision making.

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Dock and lock gate | Royal HaskoningDHV

The need for speed: creating fast opening, large dry dock gates

Transport 11 Jan 2018

The increase in ship size for global freight makes perfect economic sense but the infrastructure that supports this rise needs to keep pace for shipyards to remain efficient and responsive.

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