Finance and investment

We understand that in implementing solutions that deliver improved sustainability and efficiency, ports and terminal operators cannot afford to compromise on competitiveness and productivity. Moreover, we recognise that for many of our clients, freeing up capital to underpin additional investments linked to sustainability can be a difficult task within any given business planning cycle.
finance and investment

Our team of Maritime Economists can help here by demonstrating the added value of green port investments. We enable decision making by evaluating the financial and economic impact of choices under different scenarios. Choices can have different outcomes under different exogenous developments, such as macro-economic developments, trade policy and technological development. Choices such as site selection, technology, capacity, design options, pricing strategies, etc., can all be included in the financial/economic analysis.

The analysis of some green port investments may show a funding gap or viability gap, meaning the project generates insufficient financial revenues to cover the costs and allow for a market-based return for its investors. It is then important to look beyond the boundaries of the business case and expand the view to society as a whole: what is the monetary value of avoided emissions, noise or pollution of water, air, and soil?

Project spending triggers spending in other sectors of the economy, generating wider economic impacts. Building a solid socio-economic case for an investment can unlock government support, which helps make a project financially viable.

An increasing number of national, regional and international funds are available from Governments and International Finance Institutions (IFIs) and we are working with our clients to realise the benefits of engaging actively with these funds.

Services our team provides include:
  • Financial modelling in line with financial industry standards (FAST)
  • Business case structuring
  • Financial feasibility analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Funding gap analysis
  • Bankability analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Project funding advisory
  • Transaction support
  • Asset valuation
Claartje Hoyng - Associate Director Maritime Netherlands


Associate Director Maritime Netherlands