14 Jan 2016

Royal HaskoningDHV has announced a simplified organisation and management structure. As of 1 January 2016 the company has consolidated its activities into four Business Lines and four regions, enabling closer collaboration and faster decision-making.

Chairman of the Board Erik Oostwegel said: “Our clients operate in an increasingly volatile and complex environment and simplifying our internal structure helps us to serve them with even better, future-proof and integrated consultancy services. Combining related disciplines into a leaner structure helps us to boost internal collaboration and knowledge-sharing. In addition, closer alignment between global and local teams through the regional structure helps us to respond to market opportunities effectively and efficiently.”

The new structure consists of four Business Lines offering services to public and private clients globally. Business Line Directors will have an additional regional responsibility:

  • The Business Line Water, led by Anke Mastenbroek, offers clients solutions for the entire water cycle, from capture and storage, through intake and treatment, to flood risk management and coastal protection. 
    Anke is also responsible for the Africa, Middle East and India region.
  • The Business Line Industry & Buildings, led by Marije Hulshof, provides clients with support and added value for real estate and industrial challenges, as well as sustainable resources and energy solutions.
    Marije is also responsible for the Asia Pacific region.
  • The Business Line Transport & Planning, led by Anton van der Sanden, offers services to clients with transport, infrastructure and urban and regional development challenges.
    Anton is also responsible for the Netherlands region.
  • The Business Line Maritime & Aviation, led by Craig Huntbatch, delivers solutions for marine and ports facilities and airports and all airport-related services to clients.
    Craig is also responsible for the European and Americas region (excl. NL).

F.l.t.r.: Anke Mastenbroek, Marije Hulshof, Anton van der Sanden, Craig Huntbatch.

As of 1 January 2016 Royal HaskoningDHV’s Executive Board consists of Erik Oostwegel (Chairman), Jaska de Bakker (CFO) and Henry Rowe, following the recent departure of Piet Besselink, who decided to pursue opportunities outside of the company.

Jan-Willem Jongbloed

Regional Manager Latin America

Lima, Peru

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