Our people make us unique. We have built a team of highly qualified and experienced industry professionals. Our consultants include shipbuilding, ship repair, offshore and marine equipment industry specialists.

Members of our team have worked on projects in over fifty countries and were first involved together in the 1970s in the design and engineering of some of the largest and most successful shipyards in the world. To provide the most comprehensive services to our clients, we also have associates who are specialist advisors.

Centred in the UK we are internationally based. Our specialist team within Royal HaskoningDHV is located in offices in Newcastle, Falmouth, London, and we have staff based in continental Europe (Germany and Southern Europe) as well as the US.


Damien Bloor

First Marine International Group Director and Royal HaskoningDHV’s leading professional for shipyard development.


Damien Bloor is a qualified naval architect and highly experienced shipyard consultant. Damien’s career spans over 25 years and 35 countries. Having held senior positions in shipyards in the UK and the USA, Damien is an expert in international shipyard practices and performance assessment. He has extensive experience advising government organisations around the world including testifying before US Senate and House sub-committees on commercial and naval shipbuilding, and serving on a US Secretary of the Navy advisory panel. His operational experience includes shipyard start-ups as well as the design and construction of warships, super-yachts and production yachts from a range of materials including composites. His research and development work has resulted in new thinking in the fields of ship work content estimating, market research and shipyard processes. Damien is a fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects as well as the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.


John Craggs

Technical Consultant

John Craggs is a qualified naval architect and experienced shipyard and industry consultant with particular focus on production and business issues. He has practical shipyard management experience and has held senior positions in shipyards in the UK. He has worked extensively for commercial and naval shipyards in over 40 countries and has managed several shipyard development projects including some of the leading South Korean shipyards. John has worked extensively on benchmarking and competitiveness studies, and for the international shipbuilding and ship repair industries on market research, shipyard design and ship and shipyard cost structure studies. John’s work has ensured that clients are able to make informed decisions about their future. John has been involved in the vast majority of FMI’s world-wide benchmarking studies. He is also a fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.


Malcolm Bell

Principal Consultant

As a Principal Consultant, during a career spanning over 40 years, Malcolm Bell has travelled the world designing over 35 shipyards. He has developed and introduced innovative new design, engineering and production technologies into shipyards across the globe. Whilst with FMI he has worked in large international shipyards as technical director and in other senior positions responsible for all aspects of pre-production activity. His knowledge and skills are central to the implementation and development of advanced production engineering practices and productivity improvement programmes in the UK, Continental Europe, Middle East, India, South Korea, China and the US. Malcolm has worked in over 40 countries and, as an expert in technology transfer, he specialises in design process, production engineering and shipyard design. He has also contributed to most of the benchmarking studies undertaken by FMI.


Frank Bywater

Principal Consultant

Frank Bywater worked for over 25 years in leading European shipyards, including 20 years in senior management positions, before joining FMI in 2005. As director of planning at FSG in Germany, he played a central role in strategic and operations development and gained valuable experience constructing a wide range of complex commercial vessels including ferries, offshore vessels and naval auxiliaries. Frank has assisted several companies in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the USA with performance improvement, productivity measurement, and organisation, planning and material control and has also undertaken an interim role as Technical Managing Director at FSG. He has participated in many of the benchmarking and competitiveness studies undertaken by FMI and also made a major contribution to the design of the future combatant building shipyard. Frank is a qualified Naval Architect and holds an MBA.


Steve Maguire

Principal Consultant

As a shipyard director and marine engineer, Steve Maguire has overseen design and construction activities on many different vessels including US Navy warships, commercial ships and offshore drilling rigs. He has managed multi-million dollar research projects and shipyard improvement initiatives that have implemented major process changes and new methods based on international best practice. Steve joined FMI in 2012 and draws on his 35 years of shipyard experience to inform his consultancy work on business development, facilities design and engineering, production engineering, industrial and process engineering, and process excellence. Steve has participated in benchmarking leading shipyards in the US, Canada and Australia.


Tim Walters

Maritime Market Research Technical Director

Tim Walters is a market research professional with over 18 years’ experience in the maritime sector across the world. Tim specialises in the provision of expert advice on the markets for waterfront industrial processes with areas of expertise including ship repair, shipbuilding, vessel recycling, offshore fabrication and repair, and offshore supply bases. This specialist focus provides commercial and government clients with robust research conclusions and quantifiable facility throughput and revenue estimates. Clients can then make confident decisions related to concept design, investment, financial viability, and expansion or market realignment. With a first degree in geography and a postgraduate diploma in marketing, Tim heads his team to deliver world class research consultancy with an understanding of the importance of local context.


Gilly Fox

Senior Consultant

Gilly Fox is a naval architect with over 15 years of experience as an international maritime consultant. He has successfully delivered major government studies in Europe, the US, Asia, Canada and Australia and has a wealth of shipyard operational experience – including estimating, planning, production and project management. He has participated in a full range of projects including shipyard performance measurement and performance improvement, shipyard design, benchmarking and capacity and capabilities analyses. Gilly is particularly adept in planning, supply chain, human resources and financial modelling, and has an in-depth knowledge of composite materials, superyachts and the marine equipment industry.


Erik Gravis

Senior Consultant

Erik Gravis has 40 years of shipbuilding experience in design, sales, operations and project management across both British and international naval warship projects. Before joining FMI, Erik was a director and a member of the management board of BAE Systems Naval Ships which had a £1 billion turnover. As a project manager, Erik has been directly responsible for all aspects of three major warship programmes including sales and estimating through design, construction, test and delivery to the customer. His areas of particular expertise are planning, project management, ITC, quality and business improvement. Erik is a qualified Naval Architect and holds an MBA as well as an MSc in Project Management.


Andrew Pate

Senior Consultant

As a qualified mechanical engineer, Andrew Pate specialises in the design and development of new shipyards right from concept design all the way through to detailed facilities layouts. Andrew is also skilled in the re-development of existing shipyards through comprehensive performance improvement programmes and long range facilities plans. He boasts extensive global project experience and he has developed a number of proprietary models, tools and databases that have enhanced the shipyard development process. Prior to joining FMI Andrew worked in both the UK naval and oil and gas sectors.


Adam Broughton

Senior Consultant

Adam Broughton is a qualified naval architect and chartered engineer. His expertise in ship design, cost estimating and benchmarking has been built up throughout his 25 year career in engineering management and shipbuilding. Having held a variety of leadership positions, Adam has gained experience in whole ship design, integration and the production of naval warships and fleet auxiliary vessels. He has also had direct experience in ship through-life and in-service support, as well as design assurance and safety certification of naval and commercial vessels. Since joining FMI, Adam has project managed the great majority of FMI’s capability assessment and benchmarking work in North America.


Mark Spicknall

Senior Consultant

Mark Spicknall has worked in the shipbuilding industry for 20 years and has also spent 16 years in a leading research faculty. He is a qualified naval architect and has experience building submarines, naval surface and commercial vessels, as well as pleasure craft. His areas of focus include operations planning and management, production engineering, dimensional management, process design, estimating, and strategy development. Mark was on the research faculty at the University of Michigan (UM), where he conducted process improvement research with many shipyards and the US Navy, and taught shipbuilding and yacht design courses within the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. While at UM, Mark also did research with the automobile industry, and in the areas of design technology and technology investment management. In addition, Mark teaches shipyard operations management as part of the US. Navy’s Summer Professional Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Mark was also Editor of the Journal of Ship Production between 1996 and 2001. Mark holds an MBA and is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.


Vasil Miladinov

Senior Consultant

Vasil Miladinov is a mechanical engineer specialising in offshore, commercial ships and self-elevating units. He started his career in KeppelFELS, Singapore, and in addition to his design and engineering background, has held senior engineering management positions in various ship and offshore yards and design companies. He was the Technical Director at Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry in Varna, Bulgaria, and Technical Manager in Lamprell Energy Ltd in Dubai. Vasil was involved in engineering, design, construction, commissioning, management and delivery of various drilling jack-ups and self-propelled self-elevating units. Vasil has experience in shipbuilding and offshore production processes design and optimisation; integration of engineering into production and material handling. He was involved in the design of MYP shipyard in Saudi Arabia, anticipated to be one of the biggest maritime yards in the world.


Kayleigh Elliot


Kayleigh Elliott is a maritime market research consultant and has been with FMI since 2011. Areas of expertise include the shipyard sector (both newbuilding and repair), offshore industries and ship recycling. She has recently worked on research projects in Saudi Arabia, West Africa, Canada, South East Asia and the UK. Much of Kayleigh’s research assists shipyards in developing their business strategies, their facilities or in focusing their marketing efforts. She has also contributed to industry studies focused on improving the overall industry competiveness. Kayleigh has a first degree in business with marketing and an MSc with distinction in strategic marketing. She is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


Oliver White


Oliver White is a qualified naval architect and works across the range of services provided by FMI with particular focus on shipyard design and development. Prior to undertaking studies at Newcastle University, Oliver spent a number of years working in production in European ship repair and construction yards. He participated in refits, conversions and providing in-service repairs on passenger ships. Before joining FMI he was involved with the design of a new complex warship for export.


Tom Hustler

Project Manager

Tom Hustler is a qualified marine surveyor and ex-seagoing professional with 16 years of marine experience. This includes captaining, crewing and project managing large yachts at sea and during their maintenance periods in repair facilities around the globe. Tom works part-time as an FMI project manager and provides consultancy services in the marine leisure, small craft and large yacht sectors. As an independent consultant, he manages superyacht construction and refits and surveys small craft and super yachts for damage, insurance and pre-purchase requirements.


Adam Hawkins


Adam Hawkins has two years of experience as an analyst in the benchmarking team. During this time he was helped compile reports and analysed data for a number of leading naval shipyards around the world. More recently he has worked as a coordinator within the project management office for the development of a large commercial shipyard.


George Thompson


With nearly five decades of experience as a naval architect at senior levels in both commercial and naval shipbuilding, George Thompson has a detailed knowledge of all stages of shipbuilding from the business strategy and concept development phases through to vessel acceptance and through-life support. UK-based but with extensive international experience, George was recently awarded an OBE for services to the UK shipbuilding industry. He has also been responsible for leading major UK surface ship programmes including destroyers, frigates, landing platforms and auxiliaries. After retiring from BAE Systems in 2009, George has worked with FMI as an advisor and as a principal consultant. He is also Vice President of the Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers Association.


Dan Whittaker


Dan Whittaker has extensive experience in structural design from GRP yachts and aluminium landing craft, to drill rigs, FPSOs, destroyers and aircraft carriers. This has included many years in shipyard production support and supervision. He is also an expert in heavy lifting and transportation operations. Having managed shipyard design and drawing offices, Dan has a broad knowledge of all aspects of the design process. Dan is a qualified naval architect and chartered engineer and assists FMI as an advisor.


Brian Tanner


As a qualified mechanical engineer with over 45 years of experience in the procurement and support of naval vessels and equipment, Brian Tanner is highly versed in estimating, cost forecasting, and pricing for naval vessels. As a member of the Society of Cost Analysis and Forecasting, he has written several articles on historical trend analysis of naval vessels for the society’s newsletter. Brian has recently assisted FMI in calculating compensated gross tonnage (CGT) productivity performance for the USA, evaluating the Australian air warfare destroyer programme and providing a trend analysis of the cost per CGT for offshore patrol vessels. Brian is a fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.


Ian Perryman


Ian Perryman is a production engineering manager with strong expertise in project management and welding engineering, as well as extensive technical and managerial experience in all aspects of manufacturing. Ian has credentials as a chartered welding engineer and a senior member of The Welding Institute, as well as experience in the various aspects of shipbuilding, including design integrity, shipbuilding performance, safe operations and seaworthiness.


David Bentley


David Bentley is an experienced member of the superyacht industry having been a shareholder/director of Pendennis Shipyard for the past 27 years. He has been involved in the design, planning and development of the current world-class facility in Falmouth. David worked very much on the practical side of the business holding technical, production and refit director roles but was also involved in many projects as project or trade manager for building and refitting motor and sailing yachts from 35m to 75m. David is experienced in estimating, contractual negotiations, planning and design and has been actively involved in improving systems, training and implementing lean management initiatives.


Oliver Stacey


Oliver Stacey is a yacht designer with over 15 years of experience in the design and construction of luxury yachts from 30-132m. His early career was spent in the construction and repair of large yachts in the UK. This gave Oliver an excellent grounding for his later work in luxury yacht design. Oliver has worked as a senior designer at Francis Design, London - a studio renowned for its work on some of the largest and most innovative private yachts afloat. He project managed the exterior design of a 320m cruise ship for Celebrity Cruises, the detailed design for a 132m motor yacht and a number of concept and preliminary designs for prospective clients. Typically, his work involves preliminary naval architecture, spatial planning of the vessel, exterior design and detailing.


Andrew Painting


Andrew Painting is a chartered engineer and has spent 23 years in the Royal Navy as a submariner. In 2005 he joined Fleet Support Limited (FSL) as a Safety Engineer and as FSL became BVT and finally BAE Systems, he rose to a senior position leading a team of Safety Engineers. In 2010, Andrew became the Chief Engineer for Portsmouth Naval Base, accountable as the Design Authority and Technical Authority for all work undertaken on the infrastructure and work on ships in refit and alongside. He was awarded a PhD for his thesis ‘An Intelligent Monitoring System to Predict Catastrophic Incidents’ in 2014. In 2016, Andrew left BAE Systems to set up his own Engineering consultancy, ‘Attis Engineering Solutions Ltd’ and is now working with the MoD and industry, as well as retaining strong links with the University of Portsmouth.


Andy Stephenson


Andy Stephenson is a mechanical and electrical engineer and has completed 22 years in the Royal Navy. He served mainly on Duke Class Type 23 frigates with time also spent as senior engineer on Sandown Class mine-hunt vessels. Andy went on to work in both facilities management and international marine engineering sectors. He has worked in shipyard development around the globe, offering streamlining and restructuring guidance as well as offshore and systems engineering. With technical expertise in marine propulsion, Andy was seconded to work with Rolls-Royce marine gas turbine technical support during the life extension programme of the Olympus TM3B, as well as the integration of the WR21 engines. Andy is a proficient project and operational manager.