1 Jan 2013



ANDREAS GIESEN, DHV, Amersfoort, The Netherlands



IMEC has installed together with DHV Greenfab a Crystalactor® pilot unit to verify applicability for the treatment of HF semiconductor wastewater.

The volume of HF-containing wastewater originating from the semiconductor industries is continuously increasing. The two major sources are the wet cleaning tools and wet PFC scrubbers.

The Crystalactor® is DHV’s clean technology for removal and recovery of heavy metals, phosphates, hardness and fluoride from water. Since the seventies, this proven technology is used in many industry branches. Current applications in the semiconductor industry are now limited to Japan, where Organo Corporation sells “EcoCrysta” under licence from DHV. The amount of units in operation, however, will increase soon when several units that currently being engineered are started up.

To verify the benefits of the Crystalactor® technology for the sustainable treatment of HFcontaining semiconductor wastewater, IMEC and DHV have set up a collaboration. DHV is a major international consulting and engineering group. Its DHVGreenfab subsidiary concentrates as engineer and contractor on environmentally sound solutions for water, clean rooms and fabs.