Offshore wind

Offshore wind is recognised as the most cost-effective, large-scale source of clean, carbon-free electricity available today. It is on a trajectory of rapid growth as governments appreciate its importance in delivering their net zero and climate commitments by 2030 and 2050. Established players and new entrants in the sector need reliable partners to provide expertise and guidance through all phases of the offshore wind project lifecycle. With the largest in-house team of experts within the sector and unparalleled experience in supporting the development of the European wind industry, Royal HaskoningDHV is the first choice for offshore wind development services across the world.
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Long term sustainability

The expansion of the sector is happening fast. In the United Kingdom alone, 30GW of new projects are expected by 2030. By 2050, the UK government’s target is to have 100GW of offshore wind capacity as a key part of meeting its net zero commitments.

The EU has a total installed offshore wind capacity target of 300GW for 2050. The Asia-Pacific countries, USA and the Baltic states have shown significant take up and development of offshore wind projects over the last five years while India and Brazil are bringing forward opportunities and policies to kick-start their own offshore wind booms. We expect strong growth across the globe, particularly now that major oil and gas companies are engaging in the next generation of offshore wind development.

As the sector evolves to become a significant part of the global energy mix, a commitment to sustainable development, nature conservation and the fair and equitable use of marine resources needs to be at the heart of a planned approach to delivering net zero by 2050.

Managing and reducing consenting risk

Site selection and feasibility is the starting point for every project. We have significant experience in early stage developmental work which considers consenting risk alongside the potential for acceptable mitigation at a very early stage.

Our extensive experience of, and ground-breaking approach to environmental impact assessments (EIA) ensures commitments can be delivered in a practical, efficient and effective way. It is a strategic, carefully-managed process led by science, with support from in-house technical expertise in key risk areas. These include ornithology, marine mammals and fish ecology, coastal and marine physical processes, hydrology, community acceptability, Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessments and more. Our wide-ranging in-house capability allows effective teams to be drawn together without relying on long sub-contractor chains, improving communication and management.
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Added value: from feasibility to post-consent

You can rely on our high-quality service and unbeatable track record in supporting offshore wind project development across the UK, Europe and emerging markets such as the Baltic and APAC.

Having supported over 26GW of offshore wind across more than 45 projects worldwide, we are the market leader and have more than 19 years’ experience. In the UK alone, we have successfully consented 12GW of offshore wind. Our capability extends beyond permitting and impact assessment through to the management of post-consent conditions. We ensure developers meet all the required milestones and amending conditions where required - as projects invariably change. We are also experienced in the role of post-consent Ecological Clerk of Works, managing complex requirements through the construction phase to ensure developers comply with conditions.

Innovation and scale are having a significant impact on the cost of offshore wind generation. In little more than five years, costs have fallen by 50%. Working with our developer partners, Royal HaskoningDHV has been helping to drive down both risks and costs through digital innovations and tools to increase efficiency. New services have also been launched, including wind port design and environmental due diligence to support offshore wind transactions. We continue to innovate through new digital management tools and efficient approaches to consenting, among others.

Leading the way in expertise and experience

We are the largest, most experienced offshore wind development and consent support team in Europe with in-house onshore and offshore technical teams able to meet key project requirements. We are committed to supporting new markets and developments in offshore wind, exporting our expertise from our centre of excellence in the United Kingdom to our network of over 100 offices in 40 countries worldwide.

Our offshore wind farm services

Strategic advice | Pre-feasibility site assessment, selection and advice | Major survey design, procurement, management and QA | Lead EIA and HRA coordination and delivery | Lead ESIA coordination and delivery | Stakeholder liaison and regulatory compliance
Project Engineering design input and optimisation | Post-consent support services | Environmental due diligence support | Owners’ engineering and FEED services | Wind port assessment design and development services | Expert witness services

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