Resilient supply chain & logistics

Draw on specialist experience and predictive, data-powered insights to grasp new commercial opportunities and to realise efficiencies.
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Resilient supply chain & logistics

Challenges surrounding supply chains and logistics are complex and growing. The pressing need to become more sustainable and resilient is compounded by rapidly changing consumer demands. By getting this right, your efficient, adaptive, sustainable supply chain can deliver competitive advantage while reducing operating costs. From strategic development to network optimisation, our sustainable supply chain consulting provides creative, pragmatic and proven solutions to future-proof your supply chain, raise service levels and increase efficiency. 
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Have confidence in solutions embracing data insights, deep supply chain knowledge and predictive modelling expertise
Whether your challenge involves logistics, warehousing or materials handling systems, our supply chain consulting – specialised in creating supply chain transparency - brings insight, creativity and expertise you can rely upon.
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Enjoy competitive advantage and reduced operating costs through optimised, digital supply chains

Discover where improvements can be made in the short- and long-term through our detailed analysis of your site.   

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Future-proof your supply chains by ensuring they are resilient, adaptive and sustainable
We can assist you with achieving a supply chain supporting efficient, flexible and sustainable business operations meeting your climate ambitions. 
White paper

How can simulation shape future success in supply chain & logistics?

Today's rapidly changing business environment requires organisations to quickly adapt and act. It is a challenge for various industries, where the significant costs of upgrading and extending plants has traditionally led to risk averse solutions that maintain the status quo. The white paper elaborates on key areas such as digital tooling for predictive simulation, scenarios for process improvement, innovations and new ways of working.
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Resilient supply chain & logistics projects

Sorting centre

Data-driven solutions for new Shopee automated sortation centre 

Shopee Xpress Thailand, the leading online shopping and e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, is expanding its network of warehouses, distribution and sortation centres. They sought a data-driven approach to validate and optimise the layout and engineering questions for their greenfield site. A simulation model was used that mimics Shopee parcel arrival patterns and future automation processes, machine processes and parcel flows.
Design of industrial site

Predictive simulation supports network- and site validation

A step-by-step process of building the simulation model and predicting the future design performance supported the client’s intention to consolidate multiple existing distribution centres into one. Scenarios were run to evaluate the feasibility of volume projections, planning strategies and network-and site designs. This resulted in the client pursuing an alternative network and site design, to mitigate operational risks once the facility is built. 

Jack Pool - Global business development director supply chain & logistics


Global business development director supply chain & logistics