At Royal HaskoningDHV, we understand that the foundations of a new project – like site selection, inspection, data gathering and analysis – are crucial in defining whether the project is a success or may encounter delays or obstacles during development.
In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, with travel now severely restricted or prohibited, site selections and inspections, which have usually been carried out in person are either being stopped or delayed. This has an impact on the entire projects. 

We have developed an approach that enhances and expands our current service offering, by allowing site inspections and analysis to be carried out remotely – maintaining expertise and in-depth analysis, while saving time and costs. This new approach means we can continue to work with clients to capture the data efficiently while providing high-quality inspections.

Towards a more socially responsible future

By utilising drones, video and imaging technology in partnership with clients/staff on site, we can conduct remote site visits to help you get new, paused or stalled projects up and running.

Our detailed checks and inspection plans ensure that, the quality and level of our inspections remain at their highest through the remote process; that includes taking clients and any assisting staff through every step of the plans.  

This approach is not just a response to the COVID-19 crisis, but also a move towards the more socially responsible future that may follow it. It is a future in which businesses are conscious of their carbon impact and aware of the great effort and costs involved in conducting site visits.

Get the expertise you need – untethered by costs or delays

Using our remote site inspection services mean that you receive the same high-quality analysis with all inspections conducted by our team of highly experienced experts. With their decades of experience – whilst significantly saving on costs and time.

This not only removes the need to cover travel costs or factor in potential delays but ensures that you can benefit from the insights of our wider, multi-disciplinary teams. Apart from benefiting from inspections that maximise the scope of reviews, you can be assured that your project is in the right place and gets started on the right footing.