Smart, impactful and sustainable

To meet the needs of an increasingly connected and urbanised world, we have used our engineering, design and construction knowledge to co-create Park4All, an adaptable, sustainable temporary parking solution. It is a solution that can be used by offices, airports, campuses and events to fulfil their infrastructure demands effectively and efficiently, without losing safety or quality. The solution is brought to the market by Park4All B.V.

Park4All consists of a lightweight, modular structure that can expand or shrink to meet the needs of the location – whether 50 cars or 500. The design allows the building to be configured in different ways– with dismantling being just as easy.

The lightweight components mean minimum to no foundation is required; making it perfect for large-scale events, for example. Equally, the set-up of a plug-and-play meccano-style model, allows for maximum reuse.

Ideal for our changing world

The Park4All solution responds directly to the parking needs of our changing spaces. A number of locations currently face a high demand for parking – whether on the street or on dedicated lots. The expectation, however, is that these locations (offices, campuses etc.) will change over time, to be more mixed-use spaces that are close to public transport and aimed at those without a car. These new mobility concepts may take years to have an impact.

Park4All offers a solution in the meantime, providing the parking provision, quality and safety of a standard concrete structure; without the demands of certainty, need for foundations or high cost and long construction times. Customisable side panels ensure that while Park4All is a temporary solution, it doesn’t look like one; blending beautifully with its surroundings.

Benefits at a glance

  • A modular, reusable and circular construction system
  • Fast and adaptable construction
  • Very low transportation and disassembly costs
  • Lightweight system on simple foundation
  • Cost is equivalent to traditional solutions

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