There is no longer any reasonable doubt that the climate is changing. As a direct result of human activity, industrial and everyday domestic emissions of greenhouse gases are accumulating in the atmosphere at an increasing rate. Projections of the impact this will have on global climate, and therefore on our society, economy, and wider environment, are becoming more and more refined.

Royal HaskoningDHV takes climate change and the need to reduce carbon emissions very seriously and recognises the importance of keeping up to date with current thinking surrounding this global issue.

Severe Weather

One potential outcome of climate change is an increase in the number and severity of extreme weather events. Our work in this field assesses the impact of severe weather and identifies measures and response plans to lessen the impact.

Climate Impact and Assessment

We identify medium to long term climatic changes, identify the impact of climate change on society, economy, environment, business, health welfare and service provision and advise on measures to reduce the impact of climate change.

Carbon Inventories

Royal HaskoningDHV manages the €165 million multilateral carbon credit fund for those eastern European countries involved in emission reduction projects.

Behavioural Changes

Many areas of sustainable development depend on policy improvement, stakeholder engagement, and commitment from organisations to champion change.