We are proud of our achievements in 2014 and look forward to building on these during 2015. Together, we are on track to achieve our vision of a strong, independent engineering consultancy, sustainable and leading in our markets.

We are in a strong position for 2015 in spite of the unstable market outlook. This is the result of our work towards Vision 2018. We aim to extend the positive progress we have achieved across all our businesses and to meet our longer term goals of achieving an EBITA margin of well above 5% by 2018. Despite tendency of increased payment periods, it is our objective to reduce these by 5% in 2015.

Further development of our leading market positions

To this end, we will invest further in developing leading market positions to build and maintain competitive advantage. Sales and Marketing will be a focus and we will be directing particular efforts towards large-scale projects that benefit from the breadth of our expertise and integrated multi-disciplinary teams.

We will continue to develop our revenue sources in the countries we have identified as offering the most interesting potential for growth. We see opportunities across South East Asia to offer high-level strategic advice and services for major projects. In Indonesia we will build on the achievements made during 2014 in growing our service portfolio. We are involved with the significant infrastructure programmes under way in the Middle East. Specific mature markets, within which we operate, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, are beginning to show positive signs of growth and offer interesting prospects.

Enhancing Society Together

Enhancing Society Together continues to inspire and lead us. We put our mission into practice by grasping the opportunity in each project to contribute to a more sustainable future. This is where we can make the biggest positive impact. Therefore we’ll put a framework in place that will help us to measure the sustainable impact of our projects.

We have positioned our business to be flexible and adaptive to change. Innovation plays an important role in this and we are introducing plans to collect and share innovative ideas while further developing a pipeline to push innovation forward from concept to reality.

Our plans for staff development include an Executive Development Programme and opportunities for job rotation. These will advance the cross fertilisation of ideas and innovation. The chartered engineering qualifications provide a consistent and uniform system with global recognition and will assist us as we develop transnational teams. Overall we do not foresee significant changes in workforce.

As a global company attuned to applying global expertise in the context of local demands, we are structured to meet the needs of the market place. We intend to lead in our chosen areas of expertise and look forward with confidence to the years ahead.