Dialogue to create value

Royal HaskoningDHV management and staff interact with stakeholders on a daily basis. In our business sector of professional services, continuous dialogue with clients is key to ensure we deliver value today and in the future. Client interaction includes client visits, interviews, surveys, round tables, client events, and evaluations.

Staff interaction is based on open internal communication within departments, through interactive road shows by the board, meetings and surveys, and dialogue with the work council. In a company of professionals, employees are very well equipped to provide feedback to senior management. Also, for confidential feedback, facilities are provided in our management systems.

Other stakeholder feedback follows from meetings with local and international NGOs and government agencies. Although it is typically an integral part of our work, it is also explicit in the CR agenda to achieve continuous feedback for improvement.

Stakeholders have been identified as groups relevant to our supply chain, business environment and our core activities internationally. We will remain watchful as these groups may change as the world around us is changing, and we will adapt as deemed appropriate. 

We recognise three levels of feedback:

Strategic corporate level

Top management meets with clients and other key stakeholders all over the world. Top management is also informed through regular reports on key accounts and trends in society, shared in their monthly meetings. This provides important input for strategic decisions. Business managers maintain relationships with key accounts and strategic stakeholders related to their sector. For annual reporting, we focus on this strategic part of our stakeholder dialogue.

Operational level

Supporting groups and businesses also benefit from direct dialogue with their stakeholders at the operational level to continuously fine-tune their focus and assess the effectiveness of their actions.

Project level 

Stakeholder input is a key factor in the delivery of successful projects. A broad range of input is sought by project teams whenever feasible. Stakeholder involvement at project level is part of our professional culture and our project tools.

As most of our impact on society is delivered through our upstream activities, this is also reflected in our stakeholder interaction.