Our aim is to contribute to smart sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by society through our projects and innovations. Our activities are aligned across four global challenges which form the wider context of our work. 

Urban challenge

Half of humanity lives in cities. By 2030, the proportion will rise to more than 70% according to the World Health Organisation. Congestion, pressures on housing, transport, health services and demand for energy, water and food will all grow accordingly, impacting the quality of life of billions of people. Cities are where all the challenges converge, requiring integrated solutions. Our multidisciplinary approach is designed to make cities enjoyable, safe and healthy places to live, work and learn. Stakeholder engagement and economy-driven master planning are key elements.

Water challenge

The urgency around water issues is growing. Nearly 1 billion people still lack access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion to basic sanitation such as toilets or latrines. Heavy rainfall, sea level rise, climate variability and poor water management will increase the risks of disasters. Water resources need to be carefully managed to cater for growing urban populations, increased economic activity and to maintain our ecosystems. Our focus is on innovative solutions, for example in providing clean, fresh water or treating wastewater safely and economically so it can be reused and reintroduced into the water cycle, and protecting communities from flood and drought. We go for safe and clean water for all: not too little, and not too much.

Transport challenge

Transport creates social and economic value but has a large and growing impact on fossil energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Population growth places additional pressure on transport systems and growing global prosperity results in more traffic. We are contributing to local and international improvements which deliver cleaner, safer and more effective systems and solutions. They draw on our technical knowledge in areas like traffic management, mobility, air quality, noise, logistics and sustainability.

Industry challenge

Industry plays a vital role in the economic and social development of every country. Existing and future business models will need to focus on more sustainable industrial development to address to resource scarcity and energy demands. Improved environmental footprint, high standards of safety and societal embedding are key to addressing this. The challenge is to reinvent industrial processes, improve resource efficiency and include environmental and social value into our way of thinking. We are supporting our clients in making viable steps towards cleaner technology and responsible business solutions, including renewable energy, the circular economy, supply chains and management of water, energy and materials.