Our primary role within the value chain is to provide expert services and products that support clients in achieving theirs while guaranteeing our own company future. Increasingly those objectives are intertwined with the wider challenges our world is facing. That is why we seek to add value not only in economic terms but in ecological and social terms too. It is not just good for clients; it is in the best long-term interests of our society as well.

Long term vision

“We create for the long-term so our projects need to be resilient to face future challenges. Whether it’s a bridge, an airport, a new factory or a water project, our solutions need to meet the requirements of today as well as those of the distant future. It is our strong belief that in answering the needs of stakeholders we should aim for using the least possible natural resources and energy. In other words; reduce our footprint,” explains Marjolein Demmers, Corporate Responsibility Director. “Our clients share our vision and we are committed to looking for win, wins within each and every project which is good for our clients, good for society and good for our business.”

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