The second pillar which supports the success of our business is involved with excellence in our operations. We identified professional project management as being crucially important to deliver added value for our clients and for our bottom line success. In 2014 we introduced a global project management tier structure to provide a grading system based on experience and results. We match the complexity and scope of projects with managers who have relevant experience.

Enhancing our own operations

In addition, we have set up an academy to provide training in project management and aim to introduce a mentor system for new managers. This will be piloted before being rolled out across the organisation. During the year, we upgraded our customer relationship management system (CRM) and are globalising our financial systems. Safe operations for our staff and contractors are integral to our activities. Across our group during 2014, 57 accidents or incidents in total were reported. Lost time injuries reduced during the year. A quarter of all reported accidents and incidents are travel related. We are introducing measures to decrease this, including the introduction of driving policies and use of risk assessments.

Anti-corruption certificate

We are proud that our Anti-Corruption Compliance System Certificate was extended for a further two years. This prestigious certificate, managed by ETHIC Intelligence, indicates that our anti-corruption compliance programme is properly designed and implemented in line with international best practice. Royal HaskoningDHV is the first and only engineering consultancy that participates in this programme. We are extremely happy with the continuous support from our clients. 2014 saw the highest average score from client satisfaction surveys, at 8.2. 92% of scores across all responses were 7 or higher. The total number of surveys sent out to clients increased by almost 50% and 60% were returned.