For many years, Vietnam's huge socio-economic potential has been hampered by the country's lack of appropriate infrastructure. The economic capacity of the Mekong Delta's rural regions for example is shaped by a mix of issues with poor water management at their heart.

The Mekong Delta area is crucial for tourism and the production and export of fruit, fish, rice and pork. Nearly one quarter of the Vietnamese population lives in this region where 18% of the national GDP, 90% of the rice exports and 73% of the country's farmed aquatic products are generated.

The provision of reliable clean drinking water to rural communities in developing countries is a major challenge facing government institutions and impacts greatly in the Mekong Delta region. It is a complex issue but one where our experience and skills are in great demand. For the communities of Vietnam, we are applying this knowledge to provide innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to over 300,000 people and hundreds of businesses in the region.

The Dutch government's grant programme - ORIO - aims to encourage private sector specialists to help reduce poverty and maximise economic opportunities in less prosperous countries. As part of this programme, we have successfully assisted the Vietnamese government in securing the implementation of five projects across several provinces including rural water, wastewater collection and treatment, and water supply systems.

Two of the projects will use our Carrousel® technology package that reuses treated wastewater to irrigate surrounding agricultural areas - protecting the environment and improving the quality of the region's lakes and rivers. The local environment will improve dramatically as flood damages and water-borne epidemics are reduced.

By safeguarding the environment of the project areas, local people will not only benefit in terms of their health, but will maximise the enormous economic potential for tourism and exports in the area - providing a more robust and sustainable livelihood for local communities.