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The 2013/2014 winter storms represent the wettest weather period on United Kingdom's record. In many regions, flooding was unprecedented and caused significant damage in the South of the country.

As part of Team Van Oord, we secured two important projects across the region to recover over 150 existing flood defence assets like embankments, pumping stations, sluices, gates and coastal defences, and ensure they were put back to their original pre-flood condition.

The programme required our design and construct team to deliver defences in a very short timeframe. Work of this nature and scale is ordinarily procured over years rather than the few months allocated for two regional programmes. This meant ensuring our design and contractor teams worked very closely together to facilitate completion on time.

Shortly after commencing work, the programme grew significantly to include more critical assets. We were asked to deliver to the same existing deadline which we did, drawing on expertise from across our business in Poland, the Netherlands, Indonesia and India. Once the deadline was met, additional assets were introduced and these continue to engage our multi-disciplinary teams today.

Remaining flexible to the dynamic requirements of urgent work and having the ability to quickly scale-up has been a key ingredient in helping communities recover quickly and protect themselves from further weather events.

This work in England's southern counties is part of our flood management success story. Alleviation schemes for the Moray and Elgin in Scotland are working hard to prevent further flood damage, protecting hundreds of residents and commercial properties. These design and construction programmes represent some of the largest projects of their type ever undertaken in the United Kingdom.

The ability to design and construct on these projects has also helped us deliver value to our client and ultimately the communities who benefit. Fast, practical solutions that utilise world-class knowledge continue to set us apart and deliver major efficiencies for project stakeholders.