In 2021 we’re celebrating 140 years of operation.
To mark this, we are treating you to nine great stories from our archives.
Our founding fathers are brought to life with cinematic historiography.
The stories provide a unique insight into the perspectives of the main characters,
and show the ingenuity, friendship and drive that form the basis of our company.

United Kingdom: traditions and revolutions

About ports, coastal works and the introduction of a new expertise: environmental advice. How British engineers and environmental scientists became part of Royal HaskoningDHV.

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Export of intellect

In 1951 we entered a golden era of prosperity and growth when our predecessors joined Nedeco, Netherlands Engineering Consultancy. This umbrella organisation for overseas projects provided a wealth of experience and laid the foundations for further international expansion.

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Survival thanks to community kitchens

About the valuable contribution of engineering firm DHV to the national food supplies in the Netherlands during the Second World War.

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Heederik, Heineken, Dwars and Verhey

How Bavarian beer and concrete turned out to be a solid basis for the alliance between the engineers Dwars, Heederik, (Groothoff) and Verhey.

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De Koning in Egypt

In this story, we follow founder Jacobus de Koning to Egypt in 1889. Egypt's rail network was being expanded, and he was determined to create the winning design for a railway bridge across the Nile.

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Two friends, one firm

In 1881 our founders Johan van Hasselt and Jacobus de Koning overturned convention by setting up  the first independent engineering consultancies in the Netherlands. It’s the only agency in the Netherlands that has been able to keep its independency until today.

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The part played by women

From 1918, women also worked in the company. Their role changed dramatically in the more than 100 years since they started.


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Clean water

A story about the dark side of progress and the clear task for engineers, with a special role played by bacteria.


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