Can your supply chain deliver when business is not as usual?

The competitiveness of companies is not solely determined by its product offering, but increasingly by the way how these products are globally made and brought to their customers. In other words, supply chains are competing rather than individual companies.

Supply chains are networks of manufacturing, warehousing and transport operations that collaborate in producing and delivering products to customers. Managing supply chains is challenging as customer demands are changing more rapidly nowadays. Also, global trends as Brexit, changing import tariffs and sustainability can have a serious impact on the effectiveness of existing supply chains.

Industrial companies are forced to review their supply chains periodically to ensure that the required supply chain capabilities are timely developed to deal with the changing business environment and to support the business strategy. This includes reviewing potential new technologies as Industry 4.0. As supply chain structures and performance targets differ per company, so is the journey to define and develop a strategic change program.

Royal HaskoningDHV can support you on this journey to review, analyse and develop your supply chain strategy. We work with industrial companies in many different market sectors to realize challenging and complex projects. Our project experience covers all parts of the supply chain, supporting us in defining development scenarios which are feasible and realistic.

To support you, we are offering the following Supply Chain consultancy services:

Supply Chain Quick Scan

The Supply Chain Quick Scan starts with deriving strategic supply chain requirements from your company’s strategy. The current supply chain is systematically mapped, and alternative develop scenarios are defined and assessed against the identified requirements. Our cross functional approach will ensure the buy-in of internal stakeholders.

Supply Chain Network Optimisation

Supply Chain Network Optimisation requires to look at a detailed level at your supply chain to make specific decisions on locations, capacities and stocks. A network modelling tool will be used to support the analysis by making trade-offs between production and logistics costs against required performance targets.

Manufacturing Master Planning

Manufacturing Master Planning is focussed on the future role of the manufacturing sites within your supply chain. The required and current capabilities of the manufacturing function are analysed, covering both supply chain as well as technical aspects. Alternative development scenarios for the sites will be reviewed, in which tools can be applied such as FlexSim simulation software.

What challenges are you foreseeing in your supply chain in view of current or future developments? The experts from Royal HaskoningDHV are keen to support you in re-designing your supply chain so the future competitiveness of your company is secured.