The key to sustainable solutions is understanding how to deal with the opportunities and risks that water brings, in a complex and ever more demanding societal context. We develop strategies, create visions, support governments, manage processes and programmes and help initiators to get their projects financed and under construction. We specialise in integrated long-term water management planning for coastal zones and river basins. This management consultancy expertise complements our technical expertise, and this combination enables us to deliver solutions that work in the complex situations typical for water infrastructure. We are rooted in the diverse world leading water management cultures of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and our other home markets. This combined background means we understand how different contexts around the world can require different solutions. It is essential for both governments and private developers to work in collaborative partnership, with each other, the public and other organisations. We have developed and successfully applied a range of methods and tools for stakeholder engagement, helping to establish partnerships and then to develop a common understanding, agree to solutions, and create shared value, essential to drive sustainable development in land, water and environmental management.