Commercial & contract strategy

The development of a commercial and contract strategy is designed to establish the form of the procurement and provide assistance in determining the formulation and award of the contract and the style and type of management to be adopted for the subsequent delivery, relationship management and contract administration. Royal Haskoning DHV are well versed on the available commercial models relating to risk and incentive sharing to ensure all parties to the project have a common objective.

Procurement & supply chain management

Royal HaskoningDHV has extensive experience with contracting consultants, contractors and developers projects requiring national and European procurement. With in-depth knowledge of the complex procurement legislation and extensive experience in the market, we can advise on the most appropriate procurement procedure and conditions of contract.

Together with our client, we define the procurement and contracting strategy in which we evaluate the best form of collaboration, the scope of the work, the controls, and the appropriate contract form and management.

Contract management

Royal HaskoningDHV’s Quantity Surveyors are highly experienced and familiar with contract and procurement routes. We can offer advice on appropriate forms of contract as well as practical support on preparing the tender and contract documentation through to appointing contractors.

We can tailor standard contracts to suit our clients’ needs and requirements, and can provide bespoke pricing documents, including Bills of Quantities, schedules of rates, and activity schedules, ensuring that all commercial criteria and eventualities are met. 

Value engineering

There are a great many steps and phases between initial concept to final delivery of a project. Throughout this time, many decisions will have to be made on finance, resource planning, process, design, contracts and risk management.

Our approach to value engineering will ensure that we quickly identify and remove any unnecessary costs, and continue to optimise function and quality at the same time. The Royal HaskoningDHV value engineering model relies on strong team collaboration, constant checking and early market input, to ensure that you get the best value throughout the project.

CAPEX, OPEX & life cycle estimating

Royal HaskoningDHV are adept at using whole life cycle costing techniques. We are acutely aware that a project’s viability cannot be decided on initial construction costs alone. We regularly undertake life-cycle costing as a means of analysing the total cost of a project over time.

We are committed to providing both project teams and clients with reliable cost in use estimates, against which financial decisions at both corporate and project levels can be made for the project life cycle.

Cost verification & valuation

Royal HaskoningDHV’s cost consultants work to ensure that you are constantly understand how your project costs are being controlled. We provide regular cost plans and cost reports, ensuring that costs are carefully controlled during construction.

We use pre-defined certification procedures to authorise payments to contractors and as a basis for monitoring cash flow, and continue these procedures right up to the final payment certificate, ensuring that your project reaches a successful conclusion. 

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