Our expert centre for soil, groundwater and subsurface boasts experience with projects in over 30 countries. Our experts work in close cooperation with colleagues in other departments and offices worldwide.

We provide top-rated services in:

Policy making & Legislation

We provide input for legislation and local policies on a variety of subjects such as geothermal energy, subsurface management, ecosystem services, water framework directive, pollution prevention.

Project management

Our expertise covers all aspects of project- and process management, e.g. cost management, contract management, data management, authority approval, and stakeholder management.

Assessment & remediation

We can span the whole process of site remediation. From soil and groundwater surveys, risk assessment and modelling to site remediation, on-site supervision and monitoring. We provide second opinion studies as well as liability assessments. We are familiar with all traditional techniques for assessment and remediation, as well as innovative technologies.

We apply an integrated approach to projects: combining technology, compliance, stakeholder management and project management to provide the best solution.

We offer comprehensive, integrated and sustainable solutions that serve our clients interests. We combine world-class expertise with local knowledge and delivery.