Shoreline management plans

Royal HaskoningDHV prepares Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) that identify sustainable coastal defence options, considering a balance of economics, technical constraints and the natural, human and built environment.

Coastal protection schemes 

Royal HaskoningDHV has a long and recognised track record in the implementation of schemes to protect against coastal erosion. 
We have developed advanced analysis skills to help us investigate and model natural processes such as tidal surges and waves.  Our coastal management solutions are developed using the following approach:

  • thorough assessment of the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of a range of options
  • selection of the most appropriate solution, taking into account the needs and wishes of communities
  • design development and application for consents, licences and approvals
  • detailed design and preparation of contract documents 

Integrated coastal zone management

We work to develop and achieve sustainable use of coastal zones and their resources. We seek solutions to conflicting or competing uses, contribute to policy development, evaluations and reviews, and produce strategies for the implementation of shoreline and integrated coastal zone management.