Road safety is an emotive subject for many people owing to the far-reaching impacts resultant from road traffic accidents.

A Road Safety Audit is a proactive safety assessment of proposed or newly constructed highway schemes.

The Royal HaskoningDHV Road Safety Audit team is highly qualified and experienced in undertaking design and collision analysis. Road Safety Audits are undertaken by a team of suitably qualified safety professionals appointed independently of the project designers.

The key objective of the Road Safety Audit process is to reduce both the number and severity of collisions once the scheme comes into use.

Over recent years there have been significant changes in policy and highways design philosophy that have led to new and innovative approaches to managing and apportioning highway space.  Examples of this include, shared space schemes, parallel crossings, blended crossings and reallocation of road space for cyclists.

Our road safety team has experience of all these innovations and is well positioned to provide advice and guidance on all types of scheme.

We undertake Road Safety Audits at four stages; namely:

  • Stage 1 Assessment: At completion of Preliminary Design.
  • Stage 2 Assessment: At completion of Detailed Design.
  • Stage 3 Assessment: At completion of Construction.
  • Stage 4 Assessment: Monitoring (12 and 36 months post completion).

Our work is expertly carried out in accordance with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges standard HD19/15. All our team leaders additionally hold a Highways England Approved Certificate of Competency, demonstrating compliance with the requirements of EU Directive 2008/96/EC.

Our Road Safety Audit team can also undertake interim audits between the designated stages. Additionally, the scope of a Road Safety Audit can be widened as part of our Quality Audit process, which may also include:

  • Non-Motorised User Audit
  • Access Audit
  • Community Street Audit
  • Cycle Audit
Our road safety practitioners are based throughout the UK, offering our clients a quick turnaround whilst never compromising on quality. We are passionate about sharing our experience and promoting road safety.