In urban and rural areas, rail projects need to be fitted with great care into their immediate surroundings. Rail links have a substantial impact in terms of noise and vibration but also with respect to their effect on the movement of people and other traffic.

Rail and Environment

Royal HaskoningDHV uses its extensive knowledge and expertise to assess the environmental impact of a project and where necessary, help to reduce it. We advise on a huge range of issues around the development of rail projects such as safety in the transport of hazardous substances and the effect on nature, landscape, soil and water. By mapping out all of these aspects, we help clients to plan for all eventualities and to reach fully informed decisions.

Royal HaskoningDHV has a highly experienced team that has the broad skills needed to perform environmental research for rail projects. We link the necessary technical rail knowledge in the right planning phase of the project. We regularly conduct Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and environmental quick scans for smaller rail projects and advise on the most appropriate spatial and environmental procedures.