It is widely acknowledged that the application of workstation technology in shipbuilding is one of the best means of achieving the benefits of mass production in what is essentially a one-off or short series industry.

Effective workstation operations requires the establishment of throughput requirements, the definition of the range and volume of interim products, and their production attributes, around which workstations can be optimised for manufacture.

First Marine has been instrumental in the development and implementation of advanced production process technology in some of the world's leading shipyards. We are leaders in the application of product-oriented production concepts which are becoming accepted internationally as a means of effectively introducing production process considerations into vessel design.

Our work in this field is ongoing. Changes in the international market are forcing many shipyards to broaden their product mix in order to win sufficient orders to survive. This necessitates a fresh approach to the development of interim product structures and consequently the methodology for workstation design.

Our services include:

  • Build strategy development
  • Steel and outfit integration strategy
  • Definition of production technology
  • Process optimisation
  • Workstation design and organisation
  • Accuracy and statistical process control
  • Technology transfer and training

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